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Internet Marketing for B&B Owners

This resource is available to all B&B owners without charge but the techniques outlined here are used by the association to increace the Internet presence of full members and to some degree, those registered for our "Book a B&B" online service in United States and worldwide..

Internet Marketing - a Definition

The process of Identifying, Anticipating and Satisfying Internet users needs ..... PROFITABLY

Think about each of the emboldened words above and read the "Marketing Elements" sections.

Selling - Salesmanship:

The art of overcoming objections - to the purchase or selection of your product or service.

Understanding your B&Bs shortcomings in the eyes of prospective guests allows you to tailor the flexible elements of your marketing mix. Understanding guests concerns will help in the development of your online presence.

Internet & the Marketing Mix

marketing mix

In marketing we often talk about the "Four Ps" - Product - Price - Place - Promotion and as students I guess we always tried to find a few more "Ps" (I remember getting up to 13 or 14). Todays modern B&B Owner needs to consider just 2 more:- Process & People.

Some elements of your marketing mix are, more often than not, fixed, for example Location. However, most other elements allow you apply your marketing skills, optimise guests perceptions and compete for business more effectively.

The Internet has changed the way B&B Owners do business and applying the marketing mix to your online presence and communications is an essential new skill.

Please read the section "The Marketing Mix" to get your thinking started on what you can do to help yourself and learn more about the "SIX Ps"

Internet Marketing - a Definition

The process of Identifying, Anticipating and Satisfying Internet users needs ..... PROFITABLY

The Marketing Elements - Satisfaction

Satisfying Your Guests Needs

This covers the process of finding, booking, staying and leaving your B&B - below are a few pointers to help your thought process - stamp your own personality on every thing you do - try to do something unique that will provide a lasting memory.

  1. Direct all your online marketing effort to a single website for your B&B - you only need to be found once. Don't have two horses in the same race and neither a winner.
  2. There are some very good B&B Directories - Make sure you're listed with a link to your website
  3. Findability: Make sure your home page text is written in a coherent manner and contains all the search keywords, including: Town - Region - Local Attractions - Major Events -

  4. Display unambiguous room rates - preferably on your home page - guests will move on with the click of a mouse if they don't like what they see - Room Rates from... is a definate NO NO
  5. Make sure guests can book or enquire easily - that's most likely the reason they sought you out

  6. Welcome Guests when they arrive - a small token on the pillow can have a lasting memory
  7. Always ask if guests have a food preference - Help meet their requirements if you can
  8. Sleep in your rooms occasionally - note even the smallest thing that could be an irritant to guests - It may even surprise you what you find

  9. Discreetly present guests with their bill at breakfast on the day of departure
  10. Make sure the process of departure is easy - Don't keep guest hanging around to pay you
  11. Follow up with an email - thank them for their stay and offer a discount should they return