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B&B Owners Booking Engines

B&B booking software: The B&B Owners Association offers members the choice of TWO booking systems. A simple room rate display with date blocking - equivalent to a 'No Vacancies' sign. Alternatively, a full room management system that displays both room rates & room availability - bookings are easily added from 3rd parties allowing actual availability to be shown.

Simple Room Rates Display & Booking Engine

We have used this booking engine with great success over the years. It has been used with a simple "Vacancies or No Vacancies" calendar . All bookings need to be accepted or declined by the B&B Owner but this is automated to a great extent by just clicking a button in the admin panel (my-bnb.com).


For some B&B Owners this simple approach has actually created more work as booking come from multiple sources

Availability, Room Rates Display & Booking