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B&B Owners - This website provides a source of reference for B&B owners and outlines a number of online services dedicated to promotion their properties and generating bookings. There is a section on Internet marketing, some advice from experts, a reference section, services, our B&B booking service and a news blog.
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B&B Owners - What's this website all about?

This website is for B&B, Inns and Guesthouses owners trying to find their way in the wonderful world of Internet marketing.

If you are a B&B, Inn or Guesthouse owner or manager you know how difficult it is to find the right solution for your online marketing - have a browse around this website you may find just one thing that will help you compete more effectively.

"B&B Owners" is for B&B owners

  • Internet Marketing - Overview of the various elements
  • Expert Advice - Articles by industry leaders
  • Reference Section - Help - Tutorials - Recommended Software
  • Services for B&B Owners
  • The B&B Booking Service and Free Directories
  • B&B Owners News and Blog
  • Registered B&B Owners Support - FAQ - Knowledgebase

The business model, costs and overheads of B&Bs has little or no similarity to Hotels. OTAs clearly have little regard for this as they levy their commission and so "B&B Owners", through its associated websites, is trying to provide cost effective promotion, services and help exclusively for the B&B sector.

This website is all about helping B&Bs compete for business more effectively by providing services and marketing activities exclusively for the B&B Sector (B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouses).

The team behind B&B Owners has experience going back to 1994 and the pioneering days of the Internet as a marketing platform for tourism. Along the way, many lessons have been learnt - what works and what doesn't for owners of B&Bs.

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