B&B Owners

B&B Owners

Primarily, B&B Owners is an Collective Internet Marketing Association - sharing the cost of marketing and competing for bookings using a network of online directories, portals and regional websites. The collective marketing approach is designed to reduce the cost of bookings and the overall cost of online marketing.

Members benefit from our own booking and room management system (My B&B Admin) that results in less hours spent on administration, allows you to show the current availability on your own website and automates much of the tedious work involved in bookings no matter where they come from. Handling bookings from 3rd parties is so simple and the process updates availability on your own website and on B&B Owners websites.

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The B&B Owners Association is for B&B, Inn and Guesthouse owners trying to find their way in the wonderful world of Internet marketing.

We manage a great number of booking portals, directories & regional websites that are used exclusively to promote our members and their businesses.

We have our own booking system that provides free promotion and commission free or low cost bookings for our all members

We offer a wide range of services and the cost of membership can be based upon a % commission on bookings or a fixed annual fee regardless of the number of bookings.

Our unique admin panel for B&B owners allows you to manage your online presence and compete more effectively for direct bookings.

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As part of our service to the public the B&B Owners Association also has directories that provide a free listing for all B&Bs, although display of members is always given priority.

Here you will find an A-Z glossary of Internet marketing terms. Additionally our Frequently Asked Questions section should be your first stop if you have a query.

Members that have problems can get the help and support they need quickly. Here they can make suggestions or provide feedback that will improve members services.

You can sign up to receive of regular newsletter that has contributions from industry experts, news of our activities and interesting articles the world of B&B Ownership.

From time we issue information to the press on our activities and milestones in the development of the B&B Owners Association. Media representatives may download PDF files here.

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